Sea & Inland Navigation


Maritime Safety courses for Sea- and Inland Navigation
As professional Firefighters both at sea as inland, our direct involvement with the branch allows us to add a lot of extras to your standard Maritime Safety training. That is how we at TvK Instruction distinguish ourselves successfully from our competitors. We are proud to educate the entire scope of industry such as Navigation, Tankers, Freight Shipping, Passenger line, Offshore, Harbors, Shipbuilding and Waterworks.

Basic Training STCW and Advanced Fire Fighting STCW
Many years TvK took care of the practical components of the Basic Training STCW and Advanced Fire Fighting courses for large training institutes. In 2011 TvK Instruction was certified by the Inspectorate for Environment and Transport (ILT) and today TvK is certified to practice Basic Safety Training STCW at their location in Emmeloord.
At the training facilities in Emmeloord we offer Basic Safety Training STCW, STCW- Refresh and Advanced Fire Fighting courses. Uniquely so, we train with specially designed equipment such as our Navigation Simulator.

Nautical Inland Courses
OK MaritiemeGeared to offer training courses that cater to inland navigation industries and the aquatic sports sector we cooperate with OK Maritime. Together we apply our expertise and professionalism in providing you with safety on board your ship or at your location, in compliance with current legislation and standards. Your crew and staff are trained by us to meet the required safety level using the latest tools and equipment. Our training programs are recognized and certified by the government.

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Maritime Courses

* Basic Training STCW
* Training according to the Manila Amendments
* Refresh STCW on board
* Refresh Advanced Fire Fighting
* Survival at Sea
* Firefighting
* Medicare
* Safety Plan
* Compressed air
* Management
* Practice scenarios
* Communication techniques
* Officer Passengers
* Safety products
* Measuring Toxic gas fumes

Professionally Equipped
Our training facility in Emmeloord is equipped with all the necessary attributes needed for training, and also features some unique state of the art equipment. Worth mentioning is our Navigation Simulator where students practice the use of independent respiratory equipment in the dark and smoke filled ship compartments and cabins. Where training on location is required we make use of our specially developped Mobile Safety Trainer and Multi Mobi Box. The advantage of our equipment is that you, as our client, do not need to purchase or provide anything for the training.

Ins & Outs of training
In our training sessions we use modern audio and video equipment. For the Refresh training we will come to you and perform the training on board of your ship, using our ultramodern Mobile Safety Trainer, equipped with ample training materials like breathing apparatus, fire-fighting equipment, survival suits, life rafts etc. A safety boat is available to assist man overboard drills. All training components are taught by certified instructors and sufficient hands-on assistance. Your ship’s crew will be trained according to a modular system. The advantage of this is that we are very flexible in the order in which the subject material is handled.


Refresh Training on board
The Manila Amendments require recurrent training for Basic Safety and Advanced Fire Fighting. An advantage for your company is that we will train you on board of your own ships, as efficiently as possible and with a minimum of time loss for the crew. Moreover everyone can practice in their own working environment. However well a training center is equipped, it can never entirely match the real work environment.

Safety Plan
One of the training components is a tour round your ship to check all your Safety Equipment according to your Safety Plan.

As soon as one of the courses we offer has been successfully completed, participants will receive an internationally recognized STCW certificate and the course will be credited in your sample booklet and security log.


Special Training for Tankers
TVK Instructie BV also provides courses for tankers, dealing with the safety precautions related to the transport of hazardous materials, working in confined spaces and measurable fumigated containers.

Practical Training for Aquatic Sports
Recently TvK developped a new practical training designed for pleasure sailing, boating and aquatic sports, in which all safety aspects are discussed.

* Basic Training STCW (4 day training): € 895, – pp ex VAT.
* Refresh Advanced Fire Fighting (1 day training – minimum 6 peronen): € 295, – pp ex VAT.

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